Monday, September 13, 2010

"Mountain Top Experience"

Exodus 34 "Mountain Top Experience"

Have you ever had a mountain-top experience with God? When we encounter God on the "mountain top" ...when He meets us in a powerful way, it is meant to transform us. And when we come off the mountain we should be changed not only in what we know and what we feel, but in what we do.

In Mark chapter 9, Jesus' disciples had a mountain top experience. Jesus had been teaching the disciples about the suffering that was to come at the cross, and then He invites Peter, James and John to come with Him to the mountain. Mark 9:2 says: "He brought them up on a high mountain by themselves, and He was transfigured before them." The word transfigured means, "metamorphosed" = changed into another form. Jesus was changed right before them...His glory was revealed to them.

When we look at the parallel passage in Luke, we learn that Jesus didn't tell the disciples what was going to happen up on the mountain...all He said was, "Let's go pray" (Luke 9:28). And they did pray, but look what happened. What this tells us.....Mountain top experiences often come from the regular spiritual disciplines of our lives.

Do we want to be changed....."Let's go pray"....Let's go study....Let's go worship!!!

God bless your evening! Sharon

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