Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Breaking Out in Song"

Go to fullsize imageIsaiah 14
:7 "The whole earth is at rest and is quiet: 
they break forth into singing."

This spontaneous singing reminded me of the story that Pastor Chuck Smith shares about those early times when he had first started Calvary Chapel. The church was down to about 7 or 8 people...they were all relatives... and finances where very slim. He was worried about how to pay the bills and considered
quiting and going back to his old job the one he had before he became a pastor.

Then the mail came and there was a check for exactly what he needed. And he spontaneously started dancing in the kitchen...praising the LORD. But then he
heard the Holy Spirit say to his heart...why didn't you dance before you received 
the check....did you think I wouldn't take care of you? Have I not always taken 
care of you?

In times of difficulty it may seem that God has forgotten us--though more than 
likely --we have began to doubt and have forgotten Him.  
How do we get back to 
that place of singing praise to the LORD?

The first part of this verse 
gives us a way to be able to break out in song (or dance) no matter the circumstances of our life. It's found in the word "rest" which is the Hebrew word nuwach ---it means to set oneself down and rest. The Arabic meaning says it like this: "to kneel down like a camel"

We need to go before the LORD, kneel down and rest in His presence...and stay there and allow Him to remind us of How He cares for us, remind us of How He has always taken care of us...when we remember He has saved us, delivered us and will deliver us...we will burst out with song and maybe dancing too.


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